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KF Vacuum Junctions, Adapters & Hose Nozzles

KF Angles, Tees and Crosses KF Stainless steel Junctions. DN 10 to DN50
Stainless steel and Aluminum Reducers KF Aluminum and Stainless steel Reducers, Straight and Conical

Novotek KF Angles Stainless steel KF Angles 90°/ 45°
Novotek KF Liquid Feed Throughs 1-way and 2-way Liquid Feed throughs, KF Flanges

Novotek Cf-KF Adapters Stainless steel Adapters CF flange to KF flange
KF Flanges & Hose Nozzles Aluminum and POM Hose Nozzles , KF Blind Flanges,Weld flanges, Socket Flanges


Novotek small KF flanges with socket Stainless Steel KF Flanges with long and short Sockets

Novotek KF O Rings Replacement O rings for KF joints. Viton and Perbunan

KF connections are used in vacuum systems that work with low, medium and high vacuum. These components are manufactured at novotek in accordance with DIN 28403 and ISO 2861 in sizes NW10 to NW50 and are compatible with components from other well-known manufacturers.

All welded parts have been leak-tested using helium and are leak-proof up to 10-9mbar.l/s. The KF connection consists of two symmetrical flanges with a centering ring with O-ring seal and a clamping ring .

The necessary contact pressure for the seal is generated via the conical tightening surfaces at the KF flange and clamping ring. Instead of a clamping ring, collar half shells can also be used. For the assembly of KF connections on base plates, claws (Fig. 2) are used. KF connections are suitable for a pressure of 2.5 bar (1.5 bar excess pressure) and pressure of up to 10-9mbar. At a max. pressure of up to 4 bar (3 bar excess pressure), an outer retaining ring in conjunction with a solid clamping ring must be installed. R

Materials Details and Specifications operation temperatures, sealing materials and clamping elements