HPLC Fittings and Distributors, PTFE Filters

HPLC Fittings and Distributors

BOLA HPLC Adapters ...

BOLA Chromatography Adapters. Black screw cap made of PPS with GL thread. Body made of PTFE with one port with female thread UNF ¼”28G for connection of Mini Fittings.
A possible unevenness of the bottle neck is adjusted by an o-ring behind an elastic sealing lip, and the bottle is closed tightly.

BOLA HPLC Tube End Fittings ...

F702 BOLA Tube End Fittings. White tube end fittings made of PTFE.
With male thread UNF ¼” 28 G; washers made of PA are included in delivery.
Packing unit: 10 pieces, differing ordering quantities are rounded up to factor 10.
F707 BOLA Miniature Couplings. Three types of couplings available: straight type made of PTFE or POM with higher mechanical strength, “T” type with three connections or “cross” type with four connections, all made of PTFE.
The tubing is connected by means of tube end fittings to a female thread UNF ¼” 28 G.

BOLA PTFE Filters ...

F765 BOLA Suction Filters, PTFE.Consisting of a receiver made of PTFE with female thread UNF ¼” 28 G and an easily exchangeable frit made of porous PTFE (Cat. No. F 766-..).
Ideal prefilters in front of pump systems for protecting gaskets, pistons or column packings against premature wearing due to contaminations.
F766 BOLA Frits for Suction Filter
N1650 BOLA Vacuum Filter
N1670 BOLA Flow Filter
N1690 BOLA Filter Membrane. Made of microporous PTFE, thickness 0,2 mm, packing unit: 10 pieces (see Cat. No. N 1699-...for further sizes)