Dewar Flasks for insulation of liquids including liquid nitrogen.kgw-isotherm. Different shapes glass and stainless steel dewars.

Glass Dewar Flasks

Cylindrical Dewar Flasks, Flasks with handles, Insulating Lids ...

Cylindrical Glass Dewar Flasks, with or without side handle
High insulating ability, easy handling, made of Borosilicatglass 3.3
Deliverable as: fully silvered ( standard ), not silvered, silvered with viewing strips
Sizes from 100mL to 8000mL

Cylindrical Glass Dewar Flask Refills ...

Glass refills for Cylindrical Dewar Flasks

Glass Dewar Flasks with threaded opening ...

Dewar flasks with standard-glass screw thread GEW
Versions C = blue-coated metal cover A = glass refill (without cover)
Available:fully silvered ( standard )
silvered with viewing stripes
not silvered

Glass Dewar Flasks with flange top and Schott Flange Top ...

Glass Dewar flasks with Schott Laboratory flat flange (o-ring grove) NF 7C to NF S22 C
Glass Dewar Flask with simple rounded flanged top

Glass Dewar Flasks with Flat Bottoms ...

Dewar Flasks With Flat Bottom Type FB-CAL, Type FB-CAL with viewing stripes
Low evaporation rate, aluminium cover, antimagnetic.
Deliverable as fully silvered ( standard ), not silvered, silvered with viewing stripes, shortened

Dish Shaped Dewar Flasks,Dish Shaped Dewar Flask Refils ...

Dish-shaped Dewar Flasks Type Sch-CAL, Type Sch-A
Versions: CAL structured aluminium cover, A glass refill ( without cover )

Large Insulating Dewar Flasks ...

Large Insulating Dewar Flasks,Type 33-34C, Type 30/4-32C.
Versions, C blue coated metal cover, CAL structured aluminium cover Series 40 - 46 is suitable as glass refill of series 30/4 - 34
Insulated lid ( incl. grip ), handle or two grips
Deliverable:fully silvered (standard ), silvered with viewing strips, incl. quick release clamp, shortened
Accessories: Linen bag for easy handling of dry ice ( CO2 ),insulating discs, recommendable when storing dry ice
Sizes from 4liters to 28 liters

Dewar Carrying Flasks ...

Dewar Carrying Flasks Type B, Type B-E
Versions B blue coated metal cover,BE stainless steel cover,A glass refill ( without cover )
incl. insulated lid, held by two spring clips, incl. handle made of aluminum

Large Box Shaped Dewar Container ...

Large insulating Dewar flasks boxed-shaped, type 131-134
Cylindrical Dear flask in box with hinged lid.
Lid with over pressure valve, Lockable lid, Roller base
Sizes from 10 liters to 28 liters

Spherical Dewar Flasks , Spherical Dewar Flask Refills ...

Spherical Dewar Flasks, Type AL (Aluminum Container), Type AL A Refill
Low evaporation rate, Good tipping stability. Loose fit lid, Handle
Fully Silvered, Silvered with viewing strips, unlivered. Sizes from 1 liter to 10 liters