liquid nitrogen storage,containers from 50 liters to 350liters

Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Stainless Steel Liquid Nitrogen Containers ...

High mechanical stability, the container is made of stainless steel.
Low evaporation rate by multi-layer superinsolation in the vacuum space. Very durable by robust constructive design, production and choice of material. Long holding time by the use of adsorption and getter materials.
Integrated safety devices at the container neck.
Vacuum lock with safety valve.
Easy running castors.
Mini-flange-joint NW 50 KF.
Transfer siphon with transfer hose covered with metallic tissue.
Contents gauge. Pressure attachment by fluid removal without external power supply
Capacity from 50liters to 350 liters

Aluminum Liquid Nitrogen Containers ...

Liquid Nitrogen Container made of Aluminium Type ALU.
Light aluminium container with compound materials in the neck range.
Superinsolation foil in the vacuum space.
Low evaporation rate
Capacities from 12 liters to 100liters

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Systems Accessories ...

Special transfer siphon with LN2-fluid valves.
LN2 Transfer Hoses and Filling connections

Liquid Nitrogen Level Control Systems ...

Automatic level control systems for liquid nitrogen.
In many cryogenic applications, such as shrinking of shafts and bushings in LN2, freezing of components or biological samples, using of LN2 as a coolant in cold traps, calibrating of sensors in LN2, etc., it is important to maintain a constant LN2 liquid level.
This is achieved with the LN2 level control of KGW-Isotherm. With help of the LN2 level control, it is possible to keep a constant level of LN2 between the minimum and maximum sensor inside the flask.
The KGW LN2 level control can be connected to almost every LN2 container.