novotek vacuum fittings and seals, large range of dn kf small flange vacuum fittings

KF, ISO-K and CF-UHV Vacuum Fittings and Junctions

KF Vacuum Fittings KF Centering Rings, Seals, Feedthroughs, Clamps and adapters
KF Junctions KF Tees, Crosses,Flanges, Fluid Feedthrus,Adapters and Angles

ISO Seals and Flanges ISO Centering Rings and Flanges
ISO Junctions ISO-K Crosses, Tees, Instrument Tees,Angles, Elbows, Adapters

CF-UHV Components CF-UHV Centering Rings, Flanges,Bellows, Welding Flanges


CF Junctions CF-UHV Crosses, Tees, Adapters, Angles and Joining Pieces