novotek vacuum ISO-K and ISO-F seals. Precision vacuum fittings, Centering rings, adapters, clamps

ISO-K Vacuum Seals and Adapters

Novotek ISO Centering Ring Stainless steel and aluminum, viton and perbunan O rings
Novotek ISO-K Welding Flanges Stainless Steel SS 304 and SS 316L Flanges with sockets.

Novotek ISO-K Blind Flanges Stainless Steel Blind Flanges
Novotek OFHC Copper Seals Stainless steel ISO-K Tees, ISO-K Angles and ISO-K Elbows

Novotek ISO-K to KF Adapter ISO-K Adapter to connect ISO flanges to KF flanges. ISO-KF Tee reducers
Novotek ISO-K Flange ISO-K Dismantling flange, stainless steel


Novotek ISO-K Flexible Tube Stainless Steel Flexible tube with ISO-K flanges. Very flexible

Novotek View Ports Stainless steel and Aluminum ISO-K and KF view ports. Borosilicate Glass

ISO-K clamping flange components and connecting elements In accordance with DIN 28404 and ISO 1609
Novotek clamping flange components are manufactured in accordance with DIN 28404 and ISO 1609. All components manufactured by Novotek are 100% leak-tested and have leak rates better than 10–9 mbar.l/s.
Standard sizes are NW 63 to 320. Nominal widths of up to 630 can be manufactured upon request. ISO-K clamping flange connections are suitable for establishing high-vacuum connection from 10–9 mbar to 1.5 bar. Assembly is via screw clamps, claws or a collar flange with snap ring and screws. The clamps, claws or screws must be tightened such that the flanges butt against the centering ring. This requires a considerable increase in torque. Sealing takes place according to the respective requirements via elastomer seals or an aluminum sealing ring. In the case of metal seals, the increased contact forces mean that correspondingly more screw
Clamps are required (see following table). A collar flange provides a problem-free transition to ISO-F. The transition to KF connections and also CF connections is easily possible using ISO-K/KF or ISO-K/CF adapter pieces.

Materials Details and Specifications operation temperatures, sealing materials and clamping elements