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Technical Resources

A selection of web pages with technical information of a general nature about Finemech Products.

DN KF, ISO-K and ISO-F sizes chart with flange drawings and all mm dimensions for DN and ISO standard flanges

Steel Materials composition and properties of stainless steel with USA and European designations. Commonly used in vacuum fittings and other industrial applications

bola lab screw joints Bohlender Laboratory Screw Joints provide a wide range of fluoroplastic components that are used to attach tubes to bottles, lids, distributors and similar laboratory containers. the components are easily adapted to varying sizes of tubing over a wide range of external diameters. This section shows by means of sectioned drawings how the joints are assembled. For details of available sizes Standard Laboratory Screw Joints or High Temperature Laboratory Screw Joints




propeller stirrerStirrer Selection Help with different types of stirrer blade configurations.
Stirrer Shafts types and selections including explanation of PTFE cladding
Stirrer Speed Rotational speed in relation to size and type of liquid being stirred
Magnetic Stirrer Bars Selecting the correct type and size of magnetic stirrer bar



bola flasksChemical Resistance Guide Comprehensive list of chemicals and mixtures of chemical. The guide shows the degree of resistance by various polymers used in valve and pump manufacture including PVC, Polypropylene, PTFE and PVDF




teach in sensorsTeach In Sensors Description of how the Teach in feature on Ultrasonic sensors works. Diagrams show the procedure for setting and changing sensing positions




ultrasonic sensorsUltrasonic Sensor Applications Descriptions of typical ultrasonic sensor applications with sketches showing how the sensors are mounted and used.




ptfe beaker Description of Flouroplastics Text descriptions and full chemical name of the following fluoroplastics; PTFE,PTFE-TFM,FEP,PFA,PCTFE,ETFE,PVDF and PVF Descriptions and full chemical names of the following technical plastics; PPS,PEEK,PP,PA,PS and PMMA. Technical descriptions and full chemical name of the following Elastomers:NBR,FDM,EPDM and FFKM



ptfe wash bottleOverview of Fluoroplastic's properties Includes main physical properties and molecular structure




ptfe petri dishProperties of Fluoroplastics comprehensive table with main properties of fluoroplastics.




long range sensorUltrasonic Sensor Range Charts showing the ranges of different PIL Ultrasonic sensors




dkd calibration Calibration of Balances, Weights and Force Measurement Wwwices The KERN DKD calibration laboratory (DKD-K-11801) for electronic balances, test weights and force measurement wwwices has been accredited by DKD since 1994 and today is one of the most modern and best-equipped DKD calibration laboratories in the world for these measurement values. Thanks to the extremely high level of automation, we are in a position to carry out DKD calibration of non-automatic electronic balances, test weights and force-measuring wwwices, round the clock.



aluLiquid Nitrogen Data page for liquid nitrogen. Contains physical data about phases of Nitrogen, solid, liquid and gaseous.