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Fluoroplastic Tube Fittings

BOLA Tube Fittings , Straight, Tee & Elbow ...

D516 BOLA Male connector.
D538 BOLA GL Tube Fitting, Straight.
D539 BOLA GL Tube Fitting, Elbow.
D540 BOLA GL Tube Fitting, T-Pieces.
D541 BOLA GL Tube Fitting, Four-Way.
D625 BOLA Quick Action Hose Couplings

BOLA Hose Connectors ...

D568 BOLA Hose Connector (without Sleve Cap).
D581 BOLA Hose Connector with Sleeve Cap, Straight.
D582 BOLA Hose Connector with Sleeve Cap, Elbow.
D583/D584/D585/D586 BOLA Hose Connector with Sealing Lip.

PTFE Couplings, Adapters, Bellows & Ground Joints ...

BOLA GL Standard Ground Tube Fittings.
BOLA Socket-GL Tube Fitting.
BOLA Funnels and BOLA Dispenser
BOLA Lead-in for sensors.
BOLA GL-Reducers
BOLA Spherical Ground Joint GL Fittings.
BOLA Screw Thread Adapter Coupling.
BOLA Bellows for GL Thread.
BOLA Screw Thread Adapter Coupling, Reducer.

BOLA Tube Fittings Parts ...

BOLA Tube Fittings Parts.

BOLA Reducers ...

d526 BOLA Reducers.Straight tube fitting made of PTFE with nuts made of glass-fibre reinforced PTFE.
For connecting tubing or tube with different outer diameters. Universal chemical resistance, the product is only exposed to PTFE.
D78x BOLA Reducers Red screw cap made of PBTP, movable reduction body made of PP with O-ring made of FKM for transition to GL threads.
The body can be moved independently from the screw cap so that the completely assembled reduction can be removed and fixed on another vessel without the risk of disarranging the tubing or cable.

BOLA GL Thread Tube Fittings. EX Tube Fittings ...

D538 BOLA GL Thread Tube Fittings Straight
D539 BOLA GL Tube fittings, elbow
D540 BOLA GL Tube Fittings.
D 541 BOLA GL Tube Fittings, 4-way
D85xx BOLA GL EX Tube Fittings.

BOLA Spherical Ground Joints ...

D790 BOLA Spherical Ground Joint GL Fitting. Fitting made of PTFE, for transition from spherical ground joints to GL threads.
For connection of hard-walled tubing (e.g. PTFE, PFA, FEP) with BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints. The product is only exposed to PTFE

BOLA Stopcocks & Valves ...

2-way stopcock with straight bore and two connections.
3-way stopcock with T-shaped bore and three connections, with nuts made of glass-fibre reinforced PTFE for connecting tubing or tube.
Conical stopcock plug, tightness is increased by turning the nut on the lower side.
3-way stopcock plug with T-shaped mark of flow direction. Universal chemical resistance, the flowing product is only exposed to PTFE
BOLA fluoroplastic valves.
BOLA GL Ball Valve.
BOLA 3-Way Ball Valve with GL Thread.
BOLA Control Valve. BOLA Snap Valve.
BOLA Non Return Valve, Option.
BOLA Pressure-Relief Valve ventilation.
BOLA GL Control Valve.
BOLA mini Pressure Control/Relief Valve

BOLA Tri Clamps ...

Fittings made of PTFE for transition of Tri-Clamp as per DIN 32 676 to two or three GL-threaded necks. Universal chemical resistance, the flowing product is only exposed to PTFE.
BOLA Multiple Distributor Tri-Clamp, PTFE.
BOLA Adaptor Tri-Clamp Hose Connector, PTFE.
BOLA Tri-Clamp GL-Stopcocks, PP.
BOLA Tri-Clamp Gaskets, Silicone, PTFE

BOLA Swiveling Tube Fittings ...

D538 BOLA Swiveling Tube Fittings. Screw cap made of PPS with inner parts made of PTFE. Probes, tubes or tubing are firstly inserted through the fitting, then the fitting is screwed on the GL neck and the inserted element can be fixed in the requested position.

BOLA Flanged Tubing. Flanging Tips ...

F709 For flanging different inner diameters of tubing, suitable for BOLA Thermo-electric Flanging Tools
Flanged PTFE tubing with black tube end fittings UNF ¼” 28 G made of PP and washers made of PA. The tubing is ready for use.

BOLA Tube End Fittings. Flanging Tools ...

BOLA Tube End Fittings. White tube end fittings made of PTFE. With male thread UNF ¼” 28 G; washers made of PA are included in delivery. Packing unit: 10 pieces
F701 BOLA Thermoelectric Flanging Tools for making flanges at the ends of plastic tubing (e.g. PTFE, PFA or FEP)
F709 BOLA Flanging Tips