Cryogenics Dewar Flasks for insulation of liquids including liquid nitrogen. Different shapes glass and stainless steel.Cold traps.Liquid nitrogen storage,cryostats


Glass Dewar Flasks ...

Cylindrical Dewar Flasks, Lids and Refills
Flanged Dewar Flask and refills
Flat Bottom Dewar Flasks<
Dish Shaped Dewar Flasks
Large Dewar Flasks
Spherical Dewar Flasks

Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks ...

Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks with handles and lids, capacity to 6 liters
Large stainless Steel Dewar Flasks with or withot flanges. Sizes to 572liters

Glass and Stainless Steel Tempering Beakers ...
Glass Tempering Beakers sizes to 2 liters.
Stainless Steel Tempering Beakers sizes to 6 liters

Cryogenic Cooling, Liquid Nitrogen Storage, Biological Specimen Storage & Cold Traps ...

Kaltgas Cryogenic Cooling Systems.
Liquid Nitrogen Storage sizes to 350 liters
Biological Speciment Storage with sizes to 240 liters.
Cold Traps in glass and stainless steel
NLK Apparatus