HPLC Fittings and Distributors, PTFE Filters

BOLA Temperature Probes and PTFE Accessories

BOLA PTFE Forceps, Spatulas and Scrapers ...

BOLA PTFE Forceps, PTFE Spatulas and PTFE Scrapers

BOLA PTFE Balls & Stones ...

BOLA PTFE Balls & PTFE Boiling Stones

BOLA Temperature Probes ...

P1730 BOLA Probe PT 100 Lemo Compact
BOLA Temperature Probes Lemo Compact ESD
P1740 BOLA 2 x Temp Probes, Lemo Compact
P1750 BOLA Temperature Probe PT 100
P1950 BOLA Temperature Probes PT 1000
P1850 BOLA Temperature Probes K, PTFE
P1720 BOLA Temperature Probes Accessories

BOLA PTFE Rods, Tiles & Sheets ...

S1800 BOLA PTFE Rods
S1803 BOLA PTFE Sheets
S1805 BOLA PTFE Tiles

BOLA PTFE Fasteners ...

H1126 BOLA Washers
H1128 BOLA Screw with cheese head
H1132 BOLA Hexagonal nut

BOLA Miscellaneous ...

K1349 BOLA SAFE SAB-Replacement Stopper-Loc Nut
N910 BOLA Gas Distributor
N1503 BOLA Percolator