laboratory glassware

Laboratory Glassware

Flasks ...

Erlenmeyer Flasks
Receiving Flasks

Kjeldahl Flasks
Pear Shaped Flasks
Round Bottom Flasks
Distilling Flasks with Multiple Necks
Reaction Flasks with Multiple Necks
Flat Bottom Flasks
Nitrogen Flasks

Receivers and Schlenks ...

Receivers and Schlenks

Laboratory Flat Glass Flanges & Lids ...

Connectors with DN KF flat flanges in boro silicate glass. Glass Lids for Schott flat flanges, multiple sockets

Ground Joints ...

Conical & Spherical Ball / Cup glass ground joints

Glass Condensers ...

Dimroth Condensers
Liebig Condensers
Coil Condensers
Distillation Condensers

Thermometers & Electrical ...

Pt100 thermometers & controllers

Glass Stopcocks ...

Stopcock Sleeves
Czako Stopcocks
Miscellaneous Stopcocks
Single Way Stopcocks
Three Way Stopcocks

Glass Valves, Needle Valves & Parts ...

Overpressure Valves
HV Glass Valves
HV Glass Valve Parts

Laboratory Accessories ...

Clamps, Gaskets,connectors and general Laboratory Accessories

Funnels, Columns & Liquid Dividers ...

Dropping Funnels, Solid Funnels, Vigreau Columns, Distillation Columns, Liquid Dividers