Polarimeters ...

The polarimeter models P8000 and P8100 are the right choice for all applications where sample temperature control for high-precision measurements is not absolutely necessary. The devices are suitable for nearly all samples as the parts that come in contact with the sample are chemical resistant.
High-precision measurements through temperature control without an additional device – this is what our polarimeter models P8000-P and P8100-P offer, which otherwise have the same functional scope and the same characteristics as the other devices of the P8000 series.
The polarimeter models P8000-T and P8100-T will allow for a circulation thermostat temperature control in the range between 8 °C and 40 °C when combined with temperature controlled measurement tubes and a thermostat. That makes them suitable for high-precision measurements in quality control. Especially if a multitude of different temperature controlled measurement tubes are to be used, the P8000-T and P8100-T are the right choice.

Polarimeter Tubes & Flow thru Cells ...

Glass and Stainless Steel polarimeter tubes

Polarimeter Standards ...

Like all measurement devices, polarimeters should be calibrated and adjusted on a regular basis. Sugar solutions are widely used as a standard for this purpose. Their disadvantage: They always have to be freshly produced for measurements. User errors during the initial weighing are difficult to prevent, and the high temperature dependency of the respective solutions also needs to be taken into account. Optically active quartz which is cut from mono-crystals is better suited for the calibration and adjustment of polarimeters. We offer you a selection of PTB-certified premium quartz control plates and (more cost-effective) quartz control plates with PTB traceable factory certification.