Automatic Digital Polarimeters ...

Kruess P8000 high-speed polarimeters of the Professional series are the fastest in the world due to our patented measurement procedure, which reduces the measurement time to approx. 1 s regardless of the sample’s angle of rotation.
They achieve a high measure ment accuracy of up to ±0.002°, offer the option of a water bath or Peltier temperature control as well as an automatic operation and feature all the functions that are important in FDA-regulated sectors.
The polarimeter P3000 is the economical solution for standard applications for which a measurement accuracy of ±0.01° is sufficient.
It performs its tasks in the record measurement time of approx. 1 s that you are familiar with from our digital polarimeters. The measured values are optionally displayed as an optical angle of rotation or on the international sugar scale of the ICUMSA.

Polarimeter Tubes ...

Polarimeter flow though cells and tubes

Polarimeter Standards ...

Quartz plates for calibrationg polarimeters