Ball Valves / Needle Valves

Ball Valves & Needle Valves

High Capacity Ball Valves ...

High Capacity True Union Ball Valves
Chemline HC Series is a true large port 6” ball valve manufactured in PVC, polypropylene and PVDF. HC Series offers an unobstructed full port which allows passage of mechanical pipe cleaners or “pigs”.

Needle Valves ...

N Series Needle Valves.
Chemline N Series Needle Valves are designed for fine throttling of corrosive and ultrapure fluids at low flow rates. Because the seal material is PTFE, these valves are suitable for aggressive chemicals where similar valves with elastomer seals will not stand up.

XLT True Union Ball Valves ...

XLT True Union Ball Valves

Metering Ball Valves ...

SM2 Series Metering Ball Valves.
Chemline SM2 Series Metering Ball Valve is designed for fine linear flow control of chemicals or clean fluids.
The ball is solid with graduated V-groove cut on the outside surface. Precise linear flow control is accomplished through 180 degree rotation of the handle. With a positioning electric actuator, this becomes an inexpensive control valve.
If higher Cv values are required, refer to SP Series Proportional ball valves