Safety Burners

8-201-000 Fuego SCS basic Includes with stainless steel foot pedal, 3 standard-programs for foot pedal and button (function knob) SCS (Safety Control System) $673.00
8-200-000 Fuego SCS with Graphic-Display: language-less, animated, illuminated DoubleClick IR-Sensor and button (function knob) $747.00
8-204-000 Fuego SCS pro Same range as Fuego SCS, additional tilt sensor, charger function and 2 rechargeable batteries (NiMh, Mignon (AA)) $862.00
6-004-000 Gasprofi 1 SCS micro Includes with DoubleClick IR-Sensor and stainless steel foot pedal 5 standard-programs for IR-Sensor, foot pedal and button (function knob) $706.00
6-007-000 Gasprofi 1 SCS micro school edition Includes with button function, SCS (Safety Control System) $572.00
2-100-000 Flame 100 - Safety Bunsen Includes with button function SCS (Safety Control System) $373.00
2-110-000-L Flame 110 - Safety Bunsen Upside down burner - laboratory version Includes with button function $707.00
2-110-000-i Flame 110 - Safety Bunsen Upside down burner - industry version for installation in industrial plants CALL
6-006-000 Powerjet 2 Includes with adapter for cartridges CV360 $580.00