Analytical Balances ...

ABJ, ABP, ABS Analytical Balances
ABT, ACJ, ACS Analytical Balances
ADB, ADJ, ALI, ALS Analytical Balances

Precision & School Balances ...

440 & 572 Precision Balances
EG, EW, EWJ, EMS, EHA Precision Balances
KB Precision Balances
PBJ, PBS, PEJ, PES Precision Balances
PLJ, PLS, PNJ, PNS Precision Balances
PCB, PCD, PFB Precision Balances

Pocket Balances ...

Compact pocket balances with carat display

Bench Scales ...

FKB, ECB, ECE, FCB, FCE, FCF Bench Scales
FFN, FKB, FOB Bench Scales
FXN, GAB, WTB Bench Scales
EOC, KGP Industrial Balances
IFB Industrial Scales

Price Calculating Scales & Counting Scales ...

RIB, RPB Price Computing Scales
CCA, CCS Counting Systems
CFS, CDS, CKE Counting Scales
CIB, CPB, CXB Counting Scales

Platform Scales ...

DS Platform Scales
IFS, IKT Platform Scales
KFP, KFU, KXP Stainless Steel Platform Scales
DE, EOE, EOS, KDP Platform Scales
Platform Scale Accessories
IOC, IXS Industrial Platform Scales
Weighing Beams
SFB, SXS Industrial Scales, stainless steel

Floor Scales ...

Floor scales & Weighing Beams

Pallet Scales, Crane Scales, Hanging Scales ...

Pallet Scales
HFA, HFC, HFD, HFO Crane Balances
HCD, HFD, HFB, HGA, Accessories for Crane Balances
Hanging Scales
Spring Scales

Kern/Sauter Balance and Scale Accessories ...

Height Rods, Batteries, Interface Cables, Covers, Stands, Displays, Adapters

Test Weights ...

OIML Class E1,E2,F1,F2,M1,M2,M3 Test Weights. Single Weights, Milligram Weights, Boxed sets of weights

Software ...

Kern Software for weighing and data transfer

Calibration ...

Calibration of Kern products by factory or DAkkS laboratory