bohlender fluoroplastics.

Bohlender Fluoroplastics

BOLA Stirrers ...

Bohlender provides a wide range of stirrer equipment that is chemically inert. Glass culture bottles with thermoplastic stirrers and fluoroplastic coated magnetic stirrer bars. The magnetic stirrer bars come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Magnetic stirrer couplings are available as are fluoroplastic coated stirrer blades and shafts. Flexible stirrer couplings complete the range
Stirrer Selection Help with different types of stirrer blade configurations
Stirrer Shafts Types and selections including explanation of PTFE cladding
Stirrer Speed Rotational speed in relation to size and type of liquid being stirred
Magnetic Stirrer Bars Selecting the correct type and size of magnetic stirrer bar

BOLA Tube Fittings ...

Screw cap made of conductive black PPS-EX reinforced with glass fibres, inner parts made of conductive PTFE-EX

BOLA Tubing ...

Translucent to milky-white appearance. Almost universal chemical resistance
Free from extractable agents, physiologically safe.
Non-adhesive surface
Very good sliding characteristics, very good dielectric characteristics.
flame retardant according to UL94V0.
Oxygen value more than 95, resistant to irradiation and weather.
Can be sterilized in ETO and in autoclaves

BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints & Distributors ...

Bohlender's extensive range of fluoroplastic laboratory screw joints is known worldwide. For assembling apparatus with chemically resistant tubes and hoses, there are joints, adapters, connectors, quick connectors and VARIO couplings. Straight and elbow fittings, reducers and distributors are also available.
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