BOLA Fluoroplastic Vessels ...

BOLA Scrubbers and pumps
BOLA PTFE beakers
BOLA Flasks
BOLA PTFE Distillation Equipement
BOLA Jars and Bottles
BOLA PFA Test Tubes BOLA pTFE Digestion Vessels

BOLA PTFE Stirrers ...

PTFE Covered Stirrers
PTFE/PEEK Stirrer Blades
Magnetic Stirrer Heads
BOLA Stirrer Bearings
Magnetic Stirrer Bars

PTFE Tube Fittingss ...

PTFE Tube fittings and Connectors
PTFE Couplings and PTFE Reducers
PTFE GL THreaded Couplings
PTFE Valves and Stopcocks

Tri Clamp Fittings, Ex Proof Tube Fittings
Tubing End Fittings

BOLA Fluoroplastic Tubing ...

PTFE Tubing, PFA Tubing, FEP Tubing
PEEK Capiliary Tubing,PFA Corrugated Tubing
PFE Ex Proof Tubing, PTFE EX Proof Tubing
Zebra Ex Proof PFA Tubing, Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing
BOLA Flanged Tubing

BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints & Distributors ...

Bohlender's extensive range of fluoroplastic laboratory screw joints is known worldwide. For assembling apparatus with chemically resistant tubes and hoses, there are joints, adapters, connectors, quick connectors and VARIO couplings. Straight and elbow fittings, reducers and distributors are also available.
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