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Fluoroplastic Vessels

A wide range of Bohlender "BOLA" fluoroplastic vessels including beakers,bottles,jars, dishes, test tubes, flasks and sampling bags. This group also includes fluoroplastic distillation apparatus and a chemically inert pumps. Manufactured by Bohlender from PTFE, PFA and PP, the products listed are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit all laboratory needs. Select a section to see details of sizes, materials and prices for BOLA products.

washing bottles pfa BOLA Scrubber Bottles & Columns BOLA wash bottles




pfa round bottom flaskBOLA Round Bottom Flasks Single neck, double neck and 3-neck PFA flasks. Measuring cylinders




ptfe beakers BOLA Beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks & Lids Beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks. Lids for beakers



ptfe teast tubes BOLA PTFE Test tubes, Funnels & Centrifuge tubes


ptfe distillation apparatus BOLA PTFE Reaction vessels with lids and clamps


pfa bottles BOLA Bottles Wide mouth, narrow mouth conical shoulder and wash bottles



pfa jars
BOLA Jars, Vials & Reaction Vessels
PFA jars and vials with screw on lids




ptfe dishes BOLA PTFE Dishes PTFE & PFA dishes and crucibles. Evaporating Dishes




pfa digestion vessel BOLA PTFE Digestion Vessel