PTFE Screws, PTFE Balls and PTFE Boiling Stones

plastic screw BOLA Countersink PTFE Screws
Similar to DIN 963/DIN EN ISO 2009.



bola washersBOLA PTFE Washers
Similar to DIN 125-1, packing unit: 10 pieces.



bola plastic screwBOLA PTFE Screws with Cylindrical Head, PT
Similar to DIN 84/DIN EN ISO 1207



ptfe nutsBOLA PTFE Hexagon Nuts
Similar to DIN 934 / DIN EN ISO 4032.



ptfe ballsBOLA PTFE Balls
Made of solid PTFE, with smooth surface. Different packing units.


ptfe boiling stones
BOLA PTFE Boilling Stones

Prevent splashes and production of bubbles during boiling. Packed in resealable bag.