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Stirring and Mixing

Bohlender provides a wide range of stirrer equipment that is chemically inert. Glass culture bottles with thermoplastic stirrers and fluoroplastic coated magnetic stirrer bars. The magnetic stirrer bars come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Magnetic stirrer couplings are available as are fluoroplastic coated stirrer blades and shafts. Flexible stirrer couplings complete the range.

Stirrer Selection Help with different types of stirrer blade configurations.
Stirrer Shafts Types and selections including explanation of PTFE cladding
Stirrer Speed Rotational speed in relation to size and type of liquid being stirred
Magnetic Stirrer Bars Selecting the correct type and size of magnetic stirrer bar

ptfe stirrer shaftsPTFE Encapsulated Stirrer Shafts Stirrer Shafts

ptfe/peek stirrer blades BOLA PTFE/PEEK Stirrer Blades



magnetic stirrer head Magnetic Stirrer Heads For pressure tight connection



culture bottles Culture Bottles with stirrer



stirrer couplings Stirrer Couplings



stirrer bearings Stirrer Bearings Fit in reaction vessel lids



magnetic stirrer bars Magnetic Stirring Bars Encapsulated in PTFE



ptfe scraper PTFE Scrapers, PTFE Spatulas & PTFE Forceps