Cold Traps

Glass Cold Traps ...

Cold Traps with GL threaded connections for attachment of 10mm OD PTFE hose nozzle
Cold Traps with spherical ground joints
Cold traps with KF glass flanges
Cold traps with screww cap condensate outlet

Stainless Steel Cold Traps ...
Stainless Steel Cold traps complete with stainless steel dewar flasks or boro silicate glass dewar flasks

Cold Fingers ...
Cold Fingers with or without condensate removal spout. Versions in glass with spherical ground joints or hose nozzles or DN KF flanges.
Versions in stainless steel with DN KF flat flanges and in multiple different lengths and capacities.

Two Part Cold Traps ...

Two part Cold Traps where the upper part with connections can be removed
Short and Long Versions with NS 45/40 Ground Joints
Spherical Ground Joints, Hose Nozzle and Flat Flange connections

Cold Trap Accessories ...

Cold trap accessories, includes Pertinax Clamps for glass to metal
Connectors, Clamps, Wire Baskets, Gitters a,d O rings

Miscellaneous Cold Traps ...

Cold trap Sytems with manifolds and vacuum pumps on wheeled trolley.Cold Trap Systems & Cold Traps with DN Flat Flanges
Cold traps with integrated dewar flasks