b.safe Caps, blind caps and hose fittings

b.safe HPLC Fittings

b.safe Caps ...

M128 b.safe Cap GL28
M138 b.safe Cap GPI 38/xxx
M140 b.safe Cap S40
M143/M144 b.safe Cap S40 with Stopcocks
M145 b.safe Cap GL45
M146 b.safe Starter Box A
M147 b.safe Space-saving Caps GL45
M180 b.safe Cap GLS80
M181 b.safe Distributor for Flushing Bottles
M183 b.safe Cap B84

b.safe Waste Caps ...

M202 b.safe Waste Cap S51 Electronic Fill-Level Control
M205/M206 b.safe Waste Cap S55/S60/B83/S90/S95 Electronic Fill-Level Control
B340 b.safe Waste Cap S40
M345 b.safe Waste Cap GL45

b.safe Blind Fittings...

made of PFA to close unused connections (thread UNF 1/4“ 28G) on b.safe Caps and b.safe Waste Caps.

b.safe Hose Connectors...

For the connection of elastic tubing (e. g. Viton, Tygon, silicone) on b.safe Waste Caps. Packing Unit