b.safe exhaust filters, air valves,adapters for caps

b.safe HPLC Fittings

b.safe Exhaust Filters & Air Valves ...

M505 b.safe Air Valve. Valve body made of PP with connection (thread UNF 1/4“ 28G) suitable for b.safe Caps. Lid with aeration opening and Luerlock connector, integrated non-return valve with upstream porous PTFE membrane (1 μm), including clip-on service life indicator.
M506 b.safe Exhaust Filter. Filter body made of PP with connector (thread GL14) for b.safe Waste Caps. Lid with aeration openings and service life indicator with additional label field to monitor service life. Filling made of activated carbon for adsorption of solvents.

b.safe Adaptors for Caps ...

M600 b.safe Adaptors for Caps GL45
M615 Adaptors for connection of b.safe Caps GL 45 and Waste Caps GL 45 (1) on bottles and canisters (female thread (2)) or barrels (male thread (3)). Knurl with gripping nuts for easy assembly/disassembly of cap and adaptor.
M630 Adaptors for connection of b.safe Waste caps S 60/61 on canisters (female thread (2)) or barrels (male thread (3)). Knurl with gripping nuts for easy assembly/ disassembly of cap and adaptor

b.safe Funnels...

Funnel made of PE / static dissipative PE-EX for liquid waste disposal. The funnel can be safely mounted on the waste container with its freely turnable cap that is safely fixed with the filling neck. b.safe Funnels 180 are available in many versions. Choose the right one for your application: The sieve restrains magnetic stirrer bars and other solid materials and can be easily removed for cleaning. The hinged lid respectively the ball valve reliably withhold vapours from the container. The splash guard avoids spillover and splashing during funnel filling. The static dissipative PE-EX version includes two attachable filling tubes (Ø 36 x usable length 97 mm per tube) as well as an 1.5 m long grounding cable. Safe earthing of the funnel can be made via the grounding cable by qualified personnel. The mounted filling tube allows an under level filling to avoid static charging.