BOLA FLEX Laboratory Tubing

BOLA FLEX Laboratory Tubing
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  • Product Description: BOLA FLEX Laboratory Tubing Bending Radius 40mm. Max Pressure 1.2bar.
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  • Manufacturer :: Bohlender GmbH
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  • Material :: PFA
  • Dimensions / Size :: NW 23; 0.5 m. Dia 25.4 x Dia 20.9mm
  • Product Details :: Made of fluoroplastic. The circular corrugations of the flexible tubing are ideal for dampening vibrations, making bends in tight spaces and compensating thermal expansion. The 40 mm-long cylindrical tubing ends fit into fittings or hose connectors. Flexible tubing is available in standard lengths of 0,5 m, 1,0 m and 2,5 m (including tubing ends), it is extremely flexible, non-porous, translucent and suitable for vacuum. For more details about the inner and outer diameter and the bending radius we refer you to the cat. no. S 1820-.. with the same nominal width.
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