BOLA Capillary Laboratory Tubing

BOLA  Capillary Laboratory Tubing
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  • Code: S1817-08
  • Price/Meter: $31.00
  • Minimum Order Meters:: 10

  • Product Description: BOLA Capillary Laboratory Tubing
  • Manufacturer :: Bohlender GmbH
  • In Stock :: yes
  • Ship :: 2-5 days
  • Material :: PEEK
  • Dimensions / Size :: Dia 1/16"(1.57 mm) x Dia 0.25 mm
  • Product Details :: Made of polyetheretherketone. PEEK capillary tubing is a flexible, metal-free tubing for high pressure applications. This tubing is chemically inert to virtually all organic and inorganic solvents. PEEK capillary tubing withstands high temperatures (melting point at +334?C). This tubing is corrosion-proof, biocompatible and can easily be cutted to the desired lengths. PEEK capillary tubing is a unique replacement for all titanium or stainless-steel capillary tubing.
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