BOLA Quick Action Hose Couplings
BOLA Quick Action Hose Couplings
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  • Product Description: BOLA Quick Action Hose Couplings
  • Material: PFA
  • Size / Dimensions: GL 14
  • Product Details: Made of fluoroplastic. For aggressive gases, acids or caustic solutions as well as for all metal-free and ultra-pure media. The quick-connectors allow a quick and safe disconnection of tubing. The special construction provides leak-free disconnections under pressure. Two built-in cut-off valves stop the flow upon disconnection. Upon reconnection, the valves are automatically reopened. Unintended opening is prevented by a spring-loaded release. The quick-connectors operate at pressures up to 6 bar (atmospheres) and temperatures up to +200°C. They can also be used for vacuum up to 700 mm Hg. The purity and the almost universal chemical resistance of the PFA material allow the application of this quick-connector with almost every medium. For the assembly with tubes or tubing we recommended our BOLA-Laboratory screw joints.
  • Manufacturer :: Bohlender GmbH
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