BOLA Magnetic Stirrer Heads (P-MRK)
BOLA Magnetic Stirrer Heads (P-MRK)
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  • Product Description: BOLA Magnetic Stirrer Heads (P-MRK), stainless steel
  • Material: PEEK/STEEL
  • Size / Dimensions: For ground joint NS 29/32. For stirrer shaft dia.(d) 8mm. Drive shaft O.D.(D) 50mm
  • Product Details: Ideal stirrer head for jacketed stirrer shafts from BOLA. Consisting of capsuled drive shaft (stainless steel) with ball bearings, rotor and lower bearing made of PEEK-Compound and a stainless steel receiver. Requires little space due to compact construction. No leakage or memory effects due to non-porous, welded rotor. Compression fittings for safe fixing of stirrer shaft and optimum power transmission. Joint-Cone with nut (Safe-Lab) made of for easy locking and unlocking of the ground joint. Square size 6 mm for accepting an agitator or a stirrer coupling.
  • Manufacturer :: Bohlender GmbH
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