BOLA Hydrolyser
BOLA Hydrolyser
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  • Product Description: BOLA Hydrolyser + Decomposition Vessel
  • Material: TFM
  • Size / Dimensions: 50 ml. max pres.. 20 bar
  • Product Details: Digestion vessels are made of pure, isostatically pressed (TFM). TFM is a modified It belongs to the thermoplastic group and has a homogenous, non-porous surface which prevents possible contamination by residues from previous decompositions (no memory effect). There is no change of the universal chemical resistance and the unique properties of the fluoroplastic materials. These vessels are suitable for samples up to max. 0,5 g. In addition, they have high dimensional stability under pressure (up to max. 25 bar) and under heat (up to max. 160?C). The sealing membrane prevents loss; volatile compounds and the rupture membrane offers safety against excessively high pressure.
  • Manufacturer :: Bohlender GmbH
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