BOLA Sampling Pump
BOLA Sampling Pump
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  • Product Description: BOLA Sampling Pump
  • Material: PP/PTFE
  • Size / Dimensions: GL 45. 60 ml
  • Product Details: For quick, easy sampling or transfer of liquids, even from sources that are not easily accessible. Also suitable for use with high viscosity liquids (e.g. oils). The sampling pump is first screwed onto a collection bottle. Then an easy pull on the ball handle produces a slight vacuum in the bottle. The vacuum gently pulls the sample into the bottle through the sample tube. The sample is only exposed to the tubing and the collection bottle. Any glass bottles with GL 32 or GL 45 threads can be used as collection bottles. (Supplied with sampling pump and 2 meters of tubing.)
  • Manufacturer :: Bohlender GmbH
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