vacuubrand vario frequency converter vacuum pumps

Vacuubrand VARIO NT Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps
Vacuubrand NT series diaphragm vacuum pumps with VARIO speed controlled frequency converter. The benefits of VARIO control are combined with the quieter more efficient high performance NT pumps. Three and four stage versions are currently available. NT Series diaphragm pumps are now part of the VARIO Chemistry vacuum Systems, VARIO pumps achieve accurate vacuum pressures and volume throughput by varying the pump speed. VARIO diaphragm pumps provide the most advanced combination of high performance pump mechanics with electronic controls. Using electronic motor speed control, VARIO pumps enable stable distillation conditions and automatic adaptation to process parameters.

vacuubrand vario vacuum pump Vacuubrand VARIO NT Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps are now available with the new CVC3000 controller and the NT series diaphragm pumps driven by VARIO frequency converters. The pumps are available in 3 stage with ultimate pressures of 1 mbar (0.75 Torr) or 4 stage with ultimate pressures of 0.5mbar (0.4 Torr)


vario sp vacuum pump VARIO SP Speed Controlled Vacuum Pumps are electronically controlled brush-less DC Motors and provide superior performance with small size, low weight and efficient operation. VARIO-SP Diaphragm Pumps are available in standard and chemistry versions with ultimate pressures to 1 mbar ( 0.75 Torr ) and volume throughputs from 1.7 m3/hr ( 1.0 cfm ) to 3.8 m3/hr ( 2.2 cfm ).

vacuubrand vario pumping systems VARIO Chemistry Vacuum Pumping Units are the well known Vacuubrand chemistry pumping units and chemistry vacuum systems enhanced with VARIO automatic electronic speed control. They provide more precise control of vacuum and pumping speed as well as enhanced operating efficiency. Versions are available with ultimate pressure to 0.6 mbar ( 0.45 Torr ) and volume throughput from 1.6 m3/hr ( 0.94 cfm ) to 9.4 m3/hr ( 5.5 cfm ).



Vacuubrand VARIO Vacuum Pump Parts. For a price and delivery quotation on any Vacuubrand spare part call 1-866-820-8270 or 1-650-851-8029 or e-mail to Normal and rush service is available to get your pump or system up and running. Pump maintenance kits are available to enable routine preventative maintenance on rotary vane and diaphragm pumps.