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Vacuum Fittings

KF Small Flange Components

The range of JAKOB KF small flange fittings covers the range of sizes typical with laboratory and similar applications. Dimensions of fittings are to ISO-KF standards with straight pieces, T pieces and cross pieces, elbows, flexible pipe, clamping rings and seals. Sizes KF 10, KF 16, KF 25 and KF 40 are recommended by PNEUROP.

clamping ring KF Clamping Rings for clamping flanges. Aluminum or stainless steel.
KF Special Clamps, Clamping Chains, Composite Clamps Stainless steel clamping chains and clamps with stainless steel chain and remainder aluminum.



centering rings KF Aluminum Internal Centering Rings with Perbunan or Viton O rings.
KF Stainless Steel Internal Centering Rings with Perbunan or Viton O rings.
KF Adapting Centering Rings Stainless steel centering rings for use with different sized flanges
KF External Centering Rings Aluminum and stainless steel external centering rings with Perbunan or Viton O rings.



centering ringsKF Centering Rings with Filters Stainless steel centering rings with fine mesh filters and with fine filters. Perbunan or Viton O rings
KF Centering Rings with Sintered Bronze Mesh Filters Stainless steel centering rings with sintered bronze wire mesh filter. External stainless steel rings for holding O rings.



kf welding flangeKF Welding Flanges Stainless steel and mild steel tube stubs with KF flanges for welding. Short or long tube stubs.


kf hose nozzleKF Flanges with Hose Nozzles Stainless steel and aluminum hose nozzles for various hose sizes. Nozzles for PVC Hose



kf blind flangeKF Blind Flanges Stainless steel and aluminum blind flanges.


swagelok adapterKF to Swagelock Adapting Flanges Stainless steel adapters for Swagelock. Connects Swagelock to ISO-DN KF

KF to CAJON Adapters
Stainless steel adapters to connect CAJON VCR and CAJON Ultra Torr to ISO DN KF.



kf connecting pieceKF Connecting Pieces Stainless steel connecting pieces for joining same size KF flanges





kf reducing adapterKF Reducing Adapters Reducing flanges in stainless steel and aluminum.
KF Reducing Elbows Reducing elbows in stainless steel or aluminum




kf reducing tKF Reducing Tees & Measuring Tees Stainless steel or aluminum reducing tees. Stainless steel measuring tees.



kf to inch thread adapterKF Flange to inch thread adapters KF flanges with internal and external FNPT threads.For connecting KF flanges to inch pipe threads.



kf elbowsKF Elbows, Rectilinear or Smooth Curve Elbows in aluminum or stainless steel.
KF Tees Stainless steel or aluminum
KF Reducing & Measuring Tees
KF Cross Pieces and Reducing Cross Pieces Cross pieces in aluminum or stainless steel. Reducing cross pieces in stainless steel.


kf stainless flex tubeKF Flexible Annealed Stainless Steel Tube Flexible stainless steel pipe to 1000mm length, annealed. Longer and different lengths available to order.



kf stainless bellowsKF Stainless Steel Bellows Stainless steel bellows of various lengths.
KF Flange PVC Hose PVC Vacuum hose reinforced with stainless steel spiral. KF flanges on each end.
O Rings Replacement O rings, Perbunan and Viton



ISO-F & ISO-K Vacuum Fittings

The components are dimensioned to German DIN 28403 standards and the product lists dimensions for the various DN sizes are standard. They are on the chart on this page. Other dimensions are shown with diagrams for each component.

iso fittingISO-K Clamping Screws, Lugs & Rubber Grommets
ISO-K / ISO-F Centering Rings
ISO-K / ISO-F Centering Rings Stainless Steel with filter
DIN 2501 Aluminum Gaskets with Viton O Ring
Perbunan & Viton O rings



iso fittings

ISO-K Seals,
ISO-K Blind Flanges, ISO-F Blind Flanges

ISO-K Overthrow Flanges,
ISO-K & ISO-F Flanges with tubes



iso fitting

ISO-K Welding Flanges
ISO-K Cylindrical & Conical Reducing Adapters
ISO-K 90° Angle Pieces, ISO-F 90° Elbows, ISO-K Tee, ISO-F Tee
ISO-K Stainless Steel Flexible Vacuum Pipe,. ISO-K Flange at each end
ISO Stainless Steel Pipe




iso - k fitting

ISO-K Bolt Flange Bellows, Stainless Steel; Not Annealed.
ISO-K Measuring Connectors,
ISO-K cross pieces,ISO-F cross pieces
ISO-K to KF measuring adapters, ISO-K to KF Tee.


CF-UHV Vacuum Fittings

In the ultra high vacuum range (UHV) with pressures <10-8 mbar cleanliness of the chamber and the flange components is critical. The gas desorption rate is an important factor for achieving UHV conditions. The manufacturing technique, surface treatment and cleaning processes guarantees a low desorption rate. To reach the UHV range as quickly as possible, baking the UHV system at 300 °C with the vacuum pumps running is recommended. At these temperatures elastomer gaskets are suitable for test purposes only. All flange connections are sealed with OFHC copper gaskets (oxygen-free high conductivity copper). CF-flanges are equivalent to Conflat®.

cf-uhv bolt CF-UHV Bolts. CF Viton Seals. CF Copper Seals
CF-UHV Blind Flanges
CF Welding Flanges
CF-UHV Threaded Welding Flanges


cf-uhv welding flangesCF-UHV Reducing Flanges CF UHV Cross Pieces
CF-UHV Adapters CF UHV Bellows
CF UHV SS pipes

CF UHV Reducing Adapters
CF UHV Elbows & Tees

cf-uhv to swagelok adaptersCF to Swagelock Adapters
CF to CAJON VCR Adapters. CF to CAJON Ultra Torr Adapters
CF Flex. Metal Tube Not Annealed Stainless Steel