Vacuum Controls

Thyracont Vacuum Gauges & Controllers

Thyracont vacuum gauges and controllers embody many innovative technologies in pressure sensing and signal processing. A wide range of digital vacuum gauges from 1600mbar to 10-9mbar. Thyracont develops and manufactures intelligent vacuum gauges, controllers and combination transducers for industrial as well as laboratory applications

thyracont compact vacuum gaugeThyracont Compact Digital Vacuum Meters A wide range of compact digital vacuum meters to measure from 1600 mbar to 10-4 mbar. Battery powered with flange and threaded connections for direct attachment. Remote sensor versions are also available.




hyracont vacuum transducersThyracont Vacuum Transducers with single or wide range combination sensors to measure and transmit pressures from 1400mbar to 10-9 mbar. Analog and digital output signals. Mounting with KF small flange or conflat flange. Integrated sensor, automatic boiling point detection and multiple program modes and fuzzy logic for control of vacuum processes and distillations.




thyracont vacuum controllersThyracont Vacuum Controllers, Gauge Sets and Sensors Complete sets of vacuum gauges and indicators with transducers and cables. Vacuum sensors. Thyracont Vacuum Controllers to measure and control vacuum between 1000mbar and 1 mbar.




vacuum switch Thyracont Vacuum Switches to sense and switch at pressures between 1000mbar and 0.001mbar. Used to set valves or switch pumps on/off .




vacuum fittingsVacuum System Accessories Cables, vacuum cbnnectors stands, cases and power supplies for all thyracont vacuum systems. Compact meters,transducers, controllers and switches.



Vacuubrand Vacuum Gauges, Valves & Controllers
Vacuubrand electronic vacuum gauges using capacitive,piezo-resistive or Pirani technology cover the range of measurement to 10-3 mbar; all gauges and controllers are calibrated and certified under supervision of the German Federal Standards Laboratory.

vacuubrand vacuum gaugesVacuubrand Diaphragm Vacuum Gauges use capacitive or piezo resistive pressure transducers consisting of a silicon diaphragm and strain gauges to measure pressure. Digital and analog display is presented on the LCD screen. Electrodes do not come into contact with the measured gas and are thus protected from corrosion.




vacuubrand dcp3000 vacuum controllers Vacuubrand Vacuum Controllers are fully electronic combined gauges and controllers. They allow precise setting of vacuum and control automatic valves. With the Vacuubrand VARIO series pumps, controllers control the pump motor speed for efficient and precise process control.




vacuum ball valve Vacuubrand Vacuum Valves
Vacuum valves for a range of applications with standard KF/NW flange fittings. Ball valves, butterfly valves and high vacuum bellows valves are available .These are superior vacuum valves manufactured to fine tolerances with low leakage rates.