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Krüss Polarimeters


The polarimeter models P8000 and P8100 are the right choice for all applications where sample temperature control for high-precision measurements is not absolutely necessary. The devices are suitable for nearly all samples as the parts that come in contact with the sample are chemical resistant. The P8000 and P8100 are recommended for all basic applications. Instead of a temperature control, the temperature can be compensated according to ICUMSA. That allows you to take measurements at any temperature; the results will then be converted to the desired temperature. In addition, the international sugar scale has been predefined on our devices, and the initial weight is taken into account for the conversion into the specific rotation.

High-precision measurements through temperature control without an additional device – this is what our polarimeter models P8000-P and P8100-P offer, which otherwise have the same functional scope and the same characteristics as the other devices of the P8000 series. They are recommended if the temperature of the sample is to be controlled extremely accurately within a very short period of time and with a short control cycle and independent of the outside temperature.The polarimeter models P8000-T and P8100-T will allow for a water bath temperature control in the range between 8 and 40 °C when combined with temperature controlledmeasurement tubes and a thermostat. That makes them suitable for high-precision measurements in quality control. Especially if a multitude of different temperaturecontrolled measurement tubes are to be used, the P8000-T and P8100-T are the right choice. We offer a very large selection of this type of tubes.


The polarimeter P3000 is the economical solution for standard applications for which a measurement accuracy of ±0.01° is sufficient. It performs its tasks in the record measurement time of approx. 1s that you are familiar with from our digital polarimeters. The measured values are optionally displayed as an optical angle of rotation or on the international sugar scale of the ICUMSA. If desired, they can be printed on a serial ASCII printer. Thanks to the reliable temperature compensation, it is possible to measure at any temperature specified in the ICUMSA; the results will then be converted to the value for 20 °C.




The polarimeter P1000-LED is used by numerous companies and institutes for basic lab applications and training, for example the experiment on saccharose inversion. It measures the optical rotation according to the half-shade principle, and the measurement results are read through an eyepiece and two noniuses.








Polarimeter Accessories sample cells for polarimeters. Includes a range of micro cells for small volume samples. Polarimeter tubes for P-1000 optical Polarimeter.