SICCO Maxi 1 Vitrum Desiccator
SICCO Maxi 1 Vitrum Desiccator
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  • Product Description: SICCO Maxi 1 Vitrum Desiccator
  • Material: Glas/AL
  • Size / Dimensions: B 560 mm x H 1150 mm x T
  • Product Details: Aluminium frame, panels made of borosilicate glass borosilicate glassis crystal-clear, non-coloured and shows no significant absorption in the visible spectrum. The permeability of ultraviolet radiation allows it to use the products for photochemical reactions. The refraction index is at 1,472 (with 589,3 nm) and the photoelastic constant is B 3,6 10-6 MPa-1. The physical properties are described in norm DIN ISO 3585. Borosilicate glass has a high chemical resistance against alcohols, water and acids and their mixtures, as well as chlorine, iodine, bromine. The interaction of water only has a small effect on the glass. A thin layer of fused quartz is built up which reduces a further attack on the glass.Water resistance (ISO 719); Water classification 1Acid resistance (ISO 1776; Acid classification 1-2Alcali resistance (ISO 695); Alcali classification 2 3.3, including four shelves made of stainless steel, tray, hygrometer device gauging humidity or content of water vapour in the air, four casters with brakes, usable with up to 34 shelves.
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