Krüss Optical Instruments

led lamps LED & UV Lamps A range of LED and fluorescent lamps for lighting specimens and other applications.




melting point analyzer Melting Point Analyzers For accurate determination of melting points. Calibration materials and ultra violet lamps




digital density meter Digital Density Meter measures density, specific gravity and concentration of liquid solutions within the range of 0.00000-1.99999 g/cm3. Due to micro technological setup, the temperature sensor is placed close to the sample and measures the sample temperature directly.




Gas Analyzer MAT1000 series. Quality assurance and ever increasing consumer requirements make it necessary to control modified atmosphere packaging on a regular basis. Gas analysers must deliver fast, reliable measurement results and be easily integrated into the work process – just like our devices from the MAT1000 series. They are used by many companies for the quality inspection in the lab but also at the production line if sensitive or perishable products are filled or packaged. Our Modified Atmosphere Testers (MAT) are suitable for both the random sampling and the permanent monitoring of the gas mixture used on packaging machines. Their solid metal housing with an interchangeable protective cover offers protection against impact and dirt from the outside.