Glass Accessories

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drying tubesDrying Tubes & Bubble Counters

They serve for drying of gas with suitable desiccants. To avoid sticking of the packing during the process, not shape resistant desiccants (e.g. phosphorus oxide) are mixed with supporting substances (e.g. glass wool or pumice).

For Drying Tubes & Bubble Counters

safety/overpressure valve
Safety/Overpressure Valves
When laboratory ground devices are used under vacuum or/and slight overpressure,the use of this combined overpressure safety valve can be recommended. These valves act as immediately closing safety valve under vacuum and they allow under/overpressure

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safety valve without springSafety/Overpressure Valve without Spring
In this variant, the sealing is effected by a special designed spherical ground joint (cup and ball), but the own weight of the ground hood acts only on the ground joint. It is supported by a free to chose blocking liquid which should be higher viscous for vacuum operations.

For Safety/Overpressure Valves without Spring


gas collection vessels
Gas Collection Vessels
These collecting vessels for gas are manufactured according to DIN 12 473 and fitted with standard stopcock either as single way, two way or three way stopcock. The three way stopcocks have an 120° angle bore. A rectangular label is fixed for marking on every tube.

For Gas Collection Vessels


reversing frits
Reversing Frits
These reversing frits, available in different porosity, serve for filtration of oxidation and hydrolysis when sensitive substances are often used in organo-metallic chemistry. They are fitted with standard stopcock, bore 3 mm.

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washing bottles
Washing Bottles
These devices are used in front of reaction apparatus to clean the introduced gas flow. Available in two different designs, as washing bottle and as safety washing bottle with integrated safety volume.

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safety washing bottles
Safety Washing Bottles

The safety function of this washing bottles works in this way, that the reaction solvent and washing liquid cannot mix each other in case of an accident. The bottles are available either with frit (design A) or with glass disc, with hole, on the lower end of the inner cylinder (design B).

For Safety Washing Bottles


glass pump
Laboratory Glass Pump
These corrosion resistant pumps without stuffing box are available in two sizes. They have been designed for use in laboratories and are suitable for pumping off pure liquids or lower viscous liquids which are contaminated with slight parts of solid substances.

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HAA-60000-03 Erlenmeyer Flask $6.43
HAA-60000-04 Erlenmeyer Flask $6.43
HAA-60000-05 Erlenmeyer Flask $6.15
HAA-60000-06 Erlenmeyer Flask $6.43
HAA-60000-07 Erlenmeyer Flask $6.58
HAA-60000-08 Erlenmeyer Flask $8.54
HAA-60000-09 Erlenmeyer Flask $14.00
HAA-60000-10 Erlenmeyer Flask $27.00
HAA-60000-11 Erlenmeyer Flask $51.00
HAA-60000-12 Erlenmeyer Flask $76.00