Condensers & Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are used both for condensation of vapour products and for tempering of liquid media (cooling and heating). Available in two different designs with or without jacket. The jacketed condenser is an interesting variant, where the tempering jacket is integrated in the cooling or heating circulation. This means, that first the coil is flowed through by the tempering media and then the jacket. Other connecting arms at the tempering jacket are available

liebig condensers
Liebig Condensers

Liebig condensers are manufactured according to DIN 12 576. Liebig condensers according to West have a simple design with cylindrical shape. The vapour line is narrow sealed onto the jacket. These condensers can be used in oblique and vertical fitting.

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allihn condensers
Allihn & Product Condensers
The bulb shape mainly changes the flow speed of the vapour, and so the time for the heat exchange to the cooling water is substantial longer. This condenser are only suitable for vertical use.

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dimroth condensers
Dimroth & Coil Condensers
Dimroth condensers are manufactured according to DIN 12 591 . Just as coil condensers, Dimroth condensers have a greater inner surface.

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jacketed coil condensers
Jacketed Coil & Rapid Condensers
The advantages of this design are a high heat transfer as well as a great cooling surface area on smallest space. Due to the cooling water speed, a high effectiveness is reached.

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coil condensers
Coil Condensers Components
Coil condenser components

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low temperature condensers
Low Temperature Condensers
Main advantages of this condenser are the silver coated high vacuum jacket and the removable cooling insert, which can be filled with several cooling media such as dry ice, solid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen.

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