Microscopes and Microscope Accessories

Kruess Microscopes Wide range of high quality optical microscopes.From simple instruments to sophisticated multi turreted instruments with a large range of accessories and interchangeable lenses and objectives. Monocular, binocular and trinocular versions available; trinocular have added photo tube for camera attachment.

microscopeMBL 2000 Series Binocular & Trinocular Microscopes

Monocular Microscopes Simple inexpensive high quality microscopes for students and professionals



microscope accesoriesMicroscope Objectives & Lenses wide range of objectives and lenses for use with Krüss and other standard microscope tubes

Cameras and Video Optics for Microscopes



stereo microscopes Stereoscopic Microscopes Single magnification and Stereo zoom microscopes. Adjustable eyepieces and optional swivel stand for coverage of large images.

Stereo Microscope Accessories Objectives, stands and accessories to expand and complement the range of stereo microscopes



inverse microscopes Inverse Microscopes Metallurgical and biological inverse microscopes




old light source Cold Light Source Separate cold light source for illuminating specimens under the microscope. Swan neck light guides and focusing and diffuser heads.




uv lamp UV Lamps Ultraviolet lamps