liquid nitrogen storage,containers from 50 liters to 350liters

Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Manufactured by KGW-Isotherm in Karlsruhe, Germany, the liquid nitrogen storage containers provide a means of keeping liquid nitrogen for a prolonged period. Vacuum insulation combined with super insulating materials reduces the loss to 1% per day. safe, efficient filling and transfer equipment is provided.

apollo liquid nitrogen storage
APOLLO Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Complete stainless steel liquid nitrogen storage unit. Transfer siphon and transfer hose with vacuum safety valve. Use of super insulation in the vacuum space reduces loses to less than 1% per day. Sizes from 50 liters (13.2 US gals) to 350 liters (88 US gals).


alu liquid nitrogen storageALU Aluminum Liquid Nitrogen Container Light, low cost liquid Nitrogen container for liquid nitrogen storage. Vacuum insulated with super insulation material in the vacuum space. ALU containers are available from 7 liters ( 1.9 US gals ) to 95 liters ( 25 US gals)



alu accesories
ALU Aluminum Liquid Nitrogen Container Accessories.
A complete range of accessories for filling and take off. A roller base is available for the ALU 100. Evaporation rates are as low as 0.2 % per day. ALU Accessories include transfer siphons, filling hoses and transfer hoses.




liquid nitrogen level control Liquid Nitrogen Level Control Temperature sensors detect the level of a cryogenic liquid inside a containers. Levels input to a controller cause a magnetic valve to open and close for refilling storage containers