Test Weights

A balance can never be more accurate than the test weight used to adjust it. The accuracy of the test weight and its tolerance should correspond to the readout of the balance. The weight size should be the heaviest weight that the balance or scale can weigh. Test weights are classified in accordance with the OIML accuracy classes. The classes range from E1 through M3. Except F1 Class non OIML weights

E1 Series

E1 Milligram Weights, Single weight Wire Shaped
E1 Stainless Steel Weights
E1 Stainless Steel Weights, Sets in Wooden Box. Sets from 1mg - 50g to 1g - 10kg
E1 Test Weights Single wire shape < 500mg
E1 Test Weights Optional DAkkS (DKD) Calibration with certificate

E2 Series

E2 Milligram Weights Flat Polygonal shape
E2 Stainless Steel Weights Sets of weights in wooden or plastic boxes. Sets from 1mg – 50g to 1g – 10Kg
E2 Single Weights, Stainless Steel
E2 Cylindrical Stainless Steel Single Weights
E2 DAkkS (DKD) Calibration

F1 Series

F1 Milligram Weights Flat polygon shape
F1 Sets of Weights Stainless steel in plastic box. Sets from 1mg - 50g and 1g - 5Kg
F1 Sets of Weights Stainless steel in wooden box. Sets from 1mg - 50g and 1g - 10Kg
F1 Test Weights Single Stainless steel weights, compact shape
F1 Single Weights Stainless steel
Not in accordance with OIML, adjusted to error limit class F1



F2 Series

F2 Milligram Weights
Flat polygonal
F2 Single Weights Single Stainless steel weights
F2 Sets of Weights Sets of Weights in plastic and wooden boxes. Sets from 1mg – 50g and 1mg - 5Kg
F2 DAkkS (DKD) Calibration


M1 Series

M1 Milligram Weights
Flat Polygonal
M1 Hook Weights, M1 Slotted Weights Brass Hook and slotted weights in plastic and wooden boxes. Weights in Newtons
M1 Large Rectangular Weights Up to 500Kg with test weights
M1 Sets of weights Sets of weights from 1mg - 50g to 1g - 10Kg. In wood or plastic boxes
M1 Hook Weights Test weights
M1 Slotted Weights Test weights


M2 Series

M2 Single Weights
M2 Sets of Weights