Kern precision balances,high precision weighing,balanes weighing to 0.01g.

Kern Precision Balances

Kern 440 Precision Balances classical laboratory balance

Kern 572 Precision Balance Precision balance for laboratory and industry

Kern EMB & EMS Precision Balances Entry level laboratory balance with top weighing performance

Kern KB & KJ Precision Balances Compact precision balance with large weighing range

Kern EW & EWJ Precision Balances Classic balance with robust tuning fork measuring system
Kern Precision Balances PCB, PCD, PBS, PBJ, PBS Multifunctional laboratory balances with single-cell weighing system


Precision Balances PES /PEJ Robust laboratory and industrial precision scale for heavy items, with EC type approval

Precision Balances PFB Quick-display precision balance with user-friendly concept of operation with large housing