HPLC Fittings and Distributors

A wide range of fluoroplastic fittings for connecting tubing and tubing to apparatus. Adapters, distributors, bottle distributors and HPLC bottle distributors are included. There are PEEK fittings, micro tubing and micro tubing connectors and miniature stopcocks. A thermal flanging tool is available as are vario quick couplings. Bohlender manufacturing quality is well known and the range of connectors fits most laboratory needs

hplc distributor BOLA HPLC Distributors with and without stopcocks



bola flanged tubing for hplc BOLA Flanged PTFE Tubing standard lengths of hplc tubing with flared joints



hplc stopcocks BOLA Couplings, Manifolds & Stopcocks miniature couplings, and stopcocks



peek fittings PEEK Finger Tight Fittings strong chemically inert



hplc valve BOLA Miniature Pressure Relief Valves



hplc flaring tube tool

BOLA PTFE Tube Flanging Tools for manufacturing tight joints on small dia tubing



hplc transition piece BOLA HPLC Fittings and Laboratory Screw Joints

Fluoroplastic Laboratory Accessories

Bohlender fluoroplastic accessories cover a wide range of laboratory requirements with items manufactured in chemically resistant materials. Dipping baskets, forceps, funnels, syringes, stoppers and adapters are available. High quality manufacturing complements good design and the use of top quality materials

ptfe joint sleeve BOLA PTFE Sleeves




ptfe bellows BOLA PTFE Bellows



ptfe stopper BOLA PTFE Stoppers



temperture probes BOLA Temperature Probes



ptfe o rings BOLA FEP O Rings


BOLA Tubing, Tiles & Films
A wide range of PTFE, PFA and PEEK tubing with different sizes and surfaces including explosion proof conducting tubing

Fluoroplastic Tubing






BOLA PTFE & FEP Sheets & PTFE Rods



PTFE Sealing Accessories



PTFE Screws, Balls and Boiling Stones



SICCO Desiccators are designed for storing or drying humidity sensitive products using silica gel. Silica gel is a colorless amorphous silicic acid with a gel-like consistency. It has a large inner surface area. It is very hygroscopic and can be used as gelling agent, filtering or absorption material and desiccant. Normally coupled with an indicator, silica gel changes color as soon as it absorbs water; the gel remains pourable and dimensionally stable even in saturated condition. It can be regenerated on a metallic sieve or on a baking tray at approx. 90-110°C (a microwave oven is not suitable for regeneration!).

The tight fitting desiccator door protects the contents from contamination from the atmosphere. The controlled environment inside the desiccators are ideal for storing reference materials, retained samples, metallographic specimen, tobacco and DNA samples.

desiccators SICCO Desiccators



sicco desiccator SICCO Star Desiccators



vacuum desiccators SICCO Vacuum Desiccators




wall desiccator SICCO Wall Desiccator




desiccator accesories SICCO Desiccator Accessories



ptfe rods BOLA Rods, PTFE
Virginal rods for further treatment and processing in lengths of up to 2 m. Diameter and length are nominal dimensions and can contain a machining allowance.



ptfe sheets BOLA Sheets, PTFE
Delivered in rolls with a length of 1000 mm. Colour: white.


fep sheets BOLA Sheets, FEP
Transparent, gastight and non-porous rolls with a length of 1000 mm.