Stereoscopic Microscopes

MBL3320 Objective planachromatic 20X for MBL3300 $186.00
MBL3360 Objective planachromatic 60X $205.00
MG9 Frosted glass plate $42.00
MMB2310 Yellow filter for MBL3300 $5.25
MMB2311 Green filter for MBL3300 $5.25
MMB2312 Neutral filter for MBL3300 $5.25
MMB2314 Polarization equipment for MBL3300 $271.00
MML1105 Eyepiece 5X $70.00
MML2042 Photo adapter with ocular $242.00
MSL4326 Swivel arm for MSL4000 $383.00
MSL4331 Pair of eyepieces WF 15X $114.00
MSL4332 Pair of eyepieces WF 20X $114.00
MSL4333 Pair of eyepieces 10X $114.00
MSL4334 Eyepiece pair 5x $128.00
MSL4335 Wheel for coarse drive $11.00
MSL4336 Power supply unit for MSL4000 for MSL4000 series $26.00
MSL4999 2 lamps 12 V 10 W $12.00