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wafer check valve WP Wafer Check Valves WP Series Wafer Check Valve is a non-return valve ideal for limited space installations.

Wafer Check Valves 2" to 12" sizes. PVC
Wafer Check Valves, 2" to 12" sizes, Polypropylene
Wafer Check Valves, 2" to 12", PVDF

For WP Series Wafer Check Valves


pw series wafer check valvesPW Wafer Check Valves This wafer check does not require a separate spacer or flange gaskets. The large orifice and full flow design means low pressure drop. Spring assisted disc closure is standard as well as an optical indication of disc open/close position.

PW Series Wafer Check Valves. PVC
PW Series Wafer Check Valves. Polypropylene Bodies
PW Series Wafer Check Valves. Glass Filled Polypropylene Bodies
PW Wafer Check Valves PVDF Bodies

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