Vacuubrand NT Chemistry Vacuum Systems
Vacuubrand NT Chemistry Vacuum Systems are designed for rough, fine and high vacuum. The chemistry vacuum systems are complete units with inlet and outlet flasks for many laboratory applications. The systems are either manually controlled of automatic and are provided with condensers for solvent recovery. Vacuum pump operation is automatic and versions are provided to perform multiple processes. The chemistry vacuum systems are used in small labs and by individual researchers or provide multiple vacuum sources and capabilities to groups and large facilities

vacuubrand chemistry pumping unitVacuubrand NT Chemistry Vacuum Systems combine the vacuubrand NT New Technology diaphragm vacuum pumps with collectors and condensers. These units are manually controlled and provide a highly cost effective solution to many laboratory requirements. Units are available with pump though puts from 2.2 m3 /hr to 4.3 m3/hr. Ultimate pressure are 7mbar and 1 mbar depending on the pump type.



vacuubrand pc chemistry pumping units Vacuubrand NT Chemistry Electronically Controlled Vacuum Pumping Units Electronic vacuum distillation systems combining the new Technology NT pump with the CVC300o vacuum controller. A range of sophisticated efficient laboratory vacuum systems with automatic controls. Vacuubrand Single & 2-stage Electronically Controlled Vacuum Systems are electronically controlled to manage vacuum distillations, solvent separation and other laboratory vacuum functions. The control unit has an integrated vacuum control unit with gauge indicator and solenoid valves. A synchronous version allows two separate vacuum process to be conducted simultaneously. Ultimate vacuum to 9 mbar.



vacuubrand md1c+ak Vacuubrand Chemistry Vacuum Pumping Units. These chemistry vacuum system have a wide range of applications like evacuation, evaporation and pumping of gases and vapors. This system is usable for increased vacuum requirements with high boiling solvents and often replaces rotary vane pumps. Typical applications are rotary evaporators and vacuum drying ovens. The separator at the inlet (AK), made of glass with a protective coating, retains particles and liquid droplets. The waste vapor condenser at the outlet (EK) is highly efficient and compact. The condenser enables near-100-percent solvent recovery, efficient recycling and active protection of the environment.


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