HPLC Fittings and Distributors

A wide range of fluoroplastic fittings for connecting tubing and tubing to apparatus. Adapters, distributors, bottle distributors and HPLC bottle distributors are included. There are PEEK fittings, micro tubing and micro tubing connectors and miniature stopcocks. A thermal flanging tool is available as are vario quick couplings. Bohlender manufacturing quality is well known and the range of connectors fits most laboratory needs

hplc distributor BOLA HPLC Distributors with and without stopcocks




bola flanged tubing for hplc BOLA Flanged PTFE Tubing standard lengths of hplc tubing with flared joints




hplc stopcocks BOLA Couplings, Manifolds & Stopcocks miniature couplings, and stopcocks




peek fittings PEEK Finger Tight Fittings strong chemically inert




hplc valve BOLA Miniature Pressure Relief Valves




hplc flaring tube tool BOLA PTFE Tube Flanging Tools for manufacturing tight joints on small dia tubing




hplc transition piece BOLA HPLC Fittings and Laboratory Screw Joints