cryogenic containers for biological specimens. Maintain very low temperatures to store medical and biological specimens

Containers for Storage & Transport of Biological Materials

Manufactured by KGW-Isotherm in Karlsruhe, Germany, these are special vacuum insulated containers for storage of biological materials that are to be kept at very low temperatures. Used with liquid nitrogen (LN2) the containers can keep pre frozen materials at temperatures around -195° C for long periods. Before transporting these containers you are advised to check with the transport supplier (Airline, Bus, Train) that the transport of containers with LN2 is permitted For details on liquid nitrogen, its properties and handling Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Data


arpege ln2 container
ARPEGE Vacuum Insulated Containers for Biological Materials Canister made of plastic or stainless steel All containers comply with international regulations applicable to the transport of hazardous goods by road or rail. Lightweight aluminum container with compound materials in the neck range Low evaporation rate Super insulation foil in the vacuum space Handle, Safety vacuum valve, Stainless steel racks.


bio ln2 container BIO Vacuum Insulated Containers for Biological Materials are vacuum insulated lightweight aluminum containers with super insulating material in the vacuum space. They are used both for storage of biological materials at very low temperatures and for transport. The BIO range is equipped with internal racks to hold 2mL or 5 mL vials.


biological specimen transport VOYAGEUR Lightweight Containers for transporting Biological Materials are small aluminum vacuum insulated containers for transport of biological materials. Sizes are from 1.75 liters to 15 liters. The LN2 is absorbed in a porous substance and maintained in the gaseous phase (N2 gas) at low temperature. This means there is no risk of LN2 spillage. VOYAGEUR is delivered with racks for 2ml vials and can be supplied with 5mL racks as an option.




BIOSAFE Stainless Steel Container for storage of biological specimens.For staorage of 2ml or 5 ml vials in liquid nitrogen or in the N2 gas phase reliably and economically.available in nominal capacity from 121 to 251 litres optional 420 litres





spherical dewar flask Spherical Dewar Flasks Combine low evaporation rate with easy pouring. Delivered with loosely attached lid, optionally fully silvered or with viewing strips. Outer cover of structured Aluminum. Sizes from 1 liter to10 liters Spherical Dewar Flasks are ideal for delivering LN2 to the locations where biological materials are to be processed, they are easy to carry and have long hold times due to the very narrow neck.



dewar carrying flaskDewar Carrying Flasks Storage and transport of temperature sensitive items. Includes insulating lid with clips; available in blue coated cover or stainless steel. Sizes from 1 liter to 4 liters .Carrying flasks are well suited for transporting small quantities of LN2