Force Measurement Gauges

force measurement gauge

Mechanical Force Measurement Gauges to measure force either push or pull. A range of mechanical gauges with range from 10N to 500N. Readout accuracy of 0.05N for the 10N gauge to 2.5 with the 500N gauge. Peak Hold Switch to observe capture peaks by a drag indicator




digital force measurement gaugeDigital Force Measurement Gauge include a Robust Push/Pull Force Gauge For simple measurement with measuring range from 10N to 1000N and readout from 0.005N to 0.5N.





digital force meterUniversal Digital Force Measurement Gauge Universal digital force gauge (Push / Pull) with Peak-Hold function. Real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transients or capture peaks. Measuring units can be selected in N, Lbf or Kg.





force test stand Force Measurement Test Stands Manual test stands allow precise testing when used with sauter force measurement gauges. Manual test stands are available with or without length gauges. A range of motorized test stands provides high capacities and well as high precision. High accuracy and speed are features of the motorized test stands with a maximum testing range of up to 30,000N





force measurement test standForce Measurement Accessories for connecting test stands.

Clamps for attaching samples





spring test stand Spring Force Measurement Test Stand Spring tester for tension and compression. Programmable high / low set points for go/no-go testing. Light and sound signal output. Selectable measuring units: N, lbf, kg. Digital length measuring unit, manual zero adjustment, pre-length is manually possible. read out: 0.01 mm.



Tension Clamps for laboratory tensile force measurements incl. Jaws with pyramid grip