Coating & Thickness Measurement, Hardness Testers. Measuring Instruments

Handheld, analog and digital instruments for measuring the thickness of materials and coatings. Hardness meters to measure hardness in Shore or Leeb

coating thickness gauge Digital coating thickness gauges a range of coating thickness meters with hand held and separate sensor versions. Instruments are available for measuring coatings with integrated or separate sensors.





thickness gaugeUltrasonic Thickness Gauges Ultrasonic material thickness meters with range up to 300mm. Instruments are available with internal storage capability to allow analysis and collection of data





thicknes gauge Thickness And Coating Thickness Gauge Accessories A range of accessories for the thickness gauges and the ultrasonic material thickness meters.





hardness gaugeHardness Gauges, Shore & Leeb Hardness Leeb hardness testing instruments including the innovative mobile hardness tester. Shore hardness testing instruments with analog and digital versions. lever operated test stands are available




light meterMeasuring Instruments Light measuring meters, Thermo Hygrometer, Sound Meter, Diamond Tester, Diamond Moissanite Multi tester and Fruit surface hardness testers.





ultrasonic thickness gaugeCalibration DKD and ISO Calibration of Sauter measuring instruments