Industrial & Commercial Platform Scales

platform scales Platform Scale DE Adjustment program CAL. Battery operation (9V). AUTO-OFF function after 3 min without a change of load. Data transfer to a printer or PC. Flexible positioning display device: mounted on the front, standard; detached, cable length approx. 1,5 m; mounted on the wall, wall mount standard



kern platform scales
Platform Scales DS
User guidance step by step in the display. Adjustment program CAL. External test weights available at an additional price. Freely programmable weighing unit e.g. display directly in special units such as the length of thread g/m, paper weight g/m², or similar. Precise counting: The automatic reference optimization gradually improves the average value of the piece weighing. Numerical tare deduction for container weighing. Useful when checking loads. Wall mounting for display device standard



ken ecn platform scale Platform Scale ECB & ECE Easy to use with 2 keys only. Adjustment program CAL. External test weights available at an additional price. This balance is specially suitable for mobile use thanks to its battery supply and flat construction. Fast display, stabilization time only 2 sec

kern platform scale Platform Scale EOB & Platform Scale EOB-M Display device, cable length approx. 1,8 m. Wall mounting for display device standard. Large LCD display with digit height 25 mm. Easy to use with 4 keys only. Battery operation possible. Battery size AA (6 x 1,5 V). Operating time approx. 60 h. AUTO-OFF function after 3 min without a change of load.



platform scale Platform scale EOC All-round parcel scale with practical Flip/Flop display device for greatest ease of use



kern platform scale Platform Scale EOS, EOS-F & Platform Scale EOL Animal weighing program. Whenever the animal moves during the weighing process, a steady average value is formed with the HOLD key. This value remains "frozen" until the HOLD key is pressed again



ikt platform scale Platform Scale IKT Intuitive menu structure which allows you to use the balance to the fullest of its functions, without wasting time. This speeds up the workflow and therefore saves time and money. Convenient recipe weighing: 5 recipes each with 7 components can be stored in plain text. Back-lit LCD graphic display with digit height 18 mm, screen diagonal 5.8". Modes: Weighing, Counting, Dispensing, Recipe weighing, Check weighing, Totalizing with daily total, Percentage determination, Animal weighing, Surface weight

platform scale Platform Scale SFB Level indicator and foot screws to level the balance precisely, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing results.IP67 protection: high level of protection against dust and water. Ideal for harsh environmental conditions. Designed for temporary use in wet areas. Scale entirely out of stainless steel. Load cells steel, silicone-coated



kern platform scale Platform Scale SFE Display device made out of stainless steel, for easy and hygienic cleaning. Load cells aluminium, silicone-coated. IP65: Protected against dust and water splashes. Weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing): Input of an upper / lower limit value. A visual and acoustic signal assists with portion division, dispensing or grading to counting mode